Upcoming music livestream and other announcements!!

Hey guys!! Let's celebrate the month of love together on FEBRUARY 1!! I'll be singing popular love songs and a surprise song from Final Fantasy. Don't forget to turn on notifications or set reminder on this post to know when I go live


I've also got a gaming livestream tonight at 8PM!! I'll be playing 5v5 custom matches with my subscribers <3 My gaming schedule is TUES 8-11PM and SAT 5-8PM but it's best to have notifications turned on for my page so you always know when I go live because sometimes, I have suprirse livestreams

Consider becoming a supporter of my page so you can suggest some songs for my music livestreams, priority slots in my gaming livestreams, exclusive content (photos, videos, audio recordings), and participate in supporters only discussions. You also get a badge next to your name which will be seen when you comment on my content but you can also opt to have this switched off. Here's the link, would love to have you in my supporter community

You can now also show me some love by sending my stars while I go live. Thank you to everyone who's been staying tuned in my livestream and supporting. See you all tonight!!

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