The newest and must have OPM playlist to add to your library!! Read about the artists in this mix

To all the music buffs out there, this is a must have OPM playlist to add to your library. Especially if you want to look for good music outside the mainstream, you will love "NEW MUSIC OPM ALTERNATIVE". I personally handpicked these songs and sifted through Spotify to find these gems. All released in 2020, let's go and support our local artists by saving and sharing this playlist.


Mad Love Misery

Mad Love Misery is a Filipino rock band formed in 1996 in Manila. Founded by singer-guitarist’s Jimi Boehnert and Paolo Confiado.Now joined by drummer Herbert Gatchalian, and bassist Chris Rubis. Beginning as a studio collaboration, the group has since evolved into a live act. With music incorporating a mix of alternative, punk, and riff-oriented heavy rock.

Keane Trinity

Keane Trinity is a Funk Rock trio brainchild. The group started out in October 2017 and has been making music ever since.

The word Trinity was chosen because having just a guitar, bass, and drums are capable of making music distinctively.

Keane Ong on vocals and guitar, along with my constant sessionists, Gerard De Dios on bass, and Gerome Reyes on drums consists the Trinity.

The main theme for Keane Trinity's songs revolve around politics, insecurities, vices, religion, mental problems, and many other more that doesn't consist of sunshine nor rainbows.

A variety of influences that inspired this form of art include The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Bill Withers, Marvin Gaye, Arctic Monkeys, Adele, Rico Blanco, Oasis, and many more.

"Guilt Stricken" and "By My Side" by Carmina Topacio

Carmina Topacio Singer-Songwriter and Independent Artist from Manila. She also plays the piano and guitar. At the age of 17, she started her own Youtube Channel and posted acoustic covers and original songs. Her most popular post was her cover of "Afterlife" by Avenged Sevenfold which has over 3m views and her most popular original song is "I don't want to love another". From Youtube, she recently ventured out to Spotify and released 2 new original songs "By My Side" and "Guilt Stricken".

Empty Canvas

The Butuan City-based band, empty Canvas got its name from a painter's point of view that an empty canvas will be worthless without a painter. The band believes that without the maker of music they will just be a group of men tinkering with musical instruments not making anything of value.

Violet Aurora

Violet Aurora is a Manila-based duo composed of Kath and Moss. The duo's friendship was built on their shared love for music, matcha, the color purple, and the norther lights. They formed the band in 2018, as fans of each other's musical capabilities. Recording from their homes miles apart, they created music that is a true expression of themselves. Their debut EP, New City Streets, was released on December 2019. It is a collection of their own stories told through their eclectic musical influences. It was a musical journey for the duo that ultimately led to their distinct indie pop rock sound with no boundaries. They've just released their single "Somewhere Brighter" which is from their first full-length album set to drop sometime in 2021.

Olympia Maru

Taking elements from shoegaze, psychedlia, and classic rock, Olympia Maru weaves together loose and sprawling sonice cocktails heavily drenched in fuzz and reverb, fittingly reflecting the emotions brought about by significant life changes experienced in the haze of recent years, getting older, settling down, and raising offspring.

Nik Abat

Nik is an Engineer, an Indie Artist, and a Music Producer. He fell in love with Music when he learned how to play the guitar and started to write songs when he was 11. He sings and plays all the instruments on all the tracks he produces. His music revolves around the Alternative/Indie genre (slightly favoring a more "movie soundtrack" vibe, with the occasional ambient sounds, synths, and screams/growls on the side), mixed with new elements as he loves to experiment with sound. He wears a mask and never shows his face to his audience, as he believes that you need not a face to make a difference.

"Ikot" by Molay

Molay is a Filipino alternative rock band from the heart of Metro Manila and was formed back in the year 2016. Their name is derives from their membership in an international organization both in the Philippines and around the world. The five-piece band now has 4 singles, with another one in the works.

"Architect of Dreams" by Kremesoda

Kremesoda's music had always varied in influence, ranging from sounds of brit-pop, rock, and homegrown Pinoy Music , but they dominantly classify themselves under the genre of alternative rock. Their songs consistently recolved around the themes of adolescent love, unsaid thoughts, heartbreak, however, continue to evolve and mature as they grow up.

"Paalam, Maynila" and "Madla" by Chinita Phenomenon

"This 5-piece rock band is one of the many offshoots of a music org from UP Pampanga. After writing a song that their friends didn't hate, they simply decided to write more. And now here we are with a full EP titled 'Everyday Struggle'" - Chinita Phenomenon

Bryan Estepa

Bryan Estepa is an Australian Singer-songwriter who has been part of the Australian independent music scene for over 20 years. He released 6 critically acclaimed studio albums and undertaken several successful tours through Australia, Europe, USA, and the Philippines. Bryan has once been labelled as one of 'Sydney's best kept secretes' and continues to create and release music through his current record label, Lilystars Records.

Seedy and the Years

An indie pop alternative band from Manila and California whose music is inspired by many genres from different eras, presented by kids who grew up in the '90s

The Charmes

"A garage-rock/post-punk band formed late 2006. Their song 'Leave the Lights off' garnered respectable radio airplay and was declared NU 107.5 'Red Horse Standout Track' for 3 consecutive weeks and was also featured in Tokyo, Japan for Radio Enkai Indies Tokyo and had been featured on the British Station BBC. Another track "Turn You on" was also featured in Chicago via WHPK 88.5 FM through their 'Chicago is the world' segment."


At the summer of 2018, two classmates from UST, Migui Pancho and Jethro Espanol formed a new band as their old band dissolved. Migui taking up vocal and rythm guitar duties while Jethro took on the lead guitar. They started jamming at a nearby studio in UST. A friend recommended Mel Tomayao III to be their drummer. Struggling to find a bassist, Migui contacted old friend Manny Atoy Jr. Jamming and recording demos, came in a shock when Jethro expressed his desire to leave the band in mid May of 2018. The remaining 3 members decided to continue and the trio played their first gig on June. By August, 2 members joined in Raphael Villa and Enzo Advincula. Undercovers released their first single "You're all I see" on July 2019 and been playing shows and gigs ever since. "We are UNDERCOVERS. A young indie rock band from Manila. we play about life, love, friendship, laughter, society, and all."

Modern Day Dream

"MDD is a Dream-Pop-Alternative band composed of James Mollo (gtr & vox), Vinson Esteban (bass), & Sharif Haddadin (drums). The sound of 'dreamy' guitar riffs with a touch of melancholy that washes you up with a melodic-pop-alternative vibe. Their lyrical content brings to life what we all face at some point, a feeling that we've lost touch with ourselves and how people come and go, yet the music reminds us that there is a balance, and that there is beauty, and life is powerful.


An alternative band from Guiguinto, Bulacan, they came from different bands which is why they have different ideas with how they actually sound. Each of their songs have different genres but the idea always comes up during their drinking session. The band was formed on December 2018. First name of the band is AWOL, this is because all members of the band didn't have a job at that time and having no job means no money and with no money meons more debt. And, from that idea, that they came from different bands, they came up with "arrange" which translates to "areglo.


Formed in 2019 by a group of friends who were invited to perform in a local band expo, Crazymoon are all locals of Burauen, Leyte. The name "CrazyMoon" was penned due to a bright full moon at the time of the event and the guys acted like lunatics. The band is composed of Christian Paul Conde (Vocals/Guitars), Leonilo Camero (Guitars), Vinson Jeff (bass) and Shem Coral (Drums). The band's songs, lyrics and melody depict a 'Good Vibes' feel. Local influences include Rico Blanco, IV of Spades, Tanya Markavo, and Eevee. Foreign influences include mostly Jrock Bands.

Dence Unwired

Japan based, non-performing independent Christian songwriter. "Unwired" means not connected. Meaning the artist is not connected to any regular gigs or shows. Dence Unwired is a character created in 2011 by Dence Sadim as an outlet of his original compositions. His passion in songwriting brought his music journey into another level. Sharing it to the world online for God's glory.

Pick Factory

Pick Factory is a Filipino alternative band that was formed 2005. They have 4 songs currently up on Spotify right now. The members are Ryan Audencial on vocals/rhythm guitar, Ken Johnson on Bass, Patrick Rojas on the drums, and Wenzel Reyes on the lead guitar.

One Click Straight

One Click Straight is a collective of like-minded artists, molded by a brotherhood, fueled by an undying passion for music. With a sound almost described as a fusion of melodic pop, indie rock, and synth pop, they drive listeneres throught the ups and downs of emotion with their own brand of sound. The band consists of vocalist/bassist: Toffer Marquez, guitarist/percussionist: Joel Cartera, guitarist/songwriter: Sam Marquez, and drummer/songwriter: Tim Marquez.


Off to an unusual start, this band started out in a family of musicians. One day their frontman Jason just got tired of doing the showband district and decided he wants to write his own songs. He asked his cousins to perform with him as a band and voila, Insanara was formed. They say "insanara" is a fusion of the words "insan" or pinsan" (the Tagalog word for cousin and Sanara which is reversed for Aranas the middle name they share.

Lunar Landings

This Quezon City-based cinematic soul band first started playing together in the summer of 2015. As close friends, their individual influences come together through the sound they produce (despite having completely varying musical backgrounds and preferences). This four-piece band aims to develop a sound that somehow combines sharply edged guitars, soulful vocals, groovy baselines, and playful synths that navigate through mid-tempo beats. The band is composed of Pam Celeridad (Vocals), Vinci Castelo (Guitar/Bass), Paoi Sevilla (Synth/Bass), Peter Panelo (Drums)

Ena Mori

Ena Mori is a half Japanese, half Filipino indie pop artist and a singer-songwriter based in Manila. Pushing the dynamic facet of pop music, ena mori fuses her musicality, personal experiences and thoughts to create her own sophisticated pop sound.


Submission is an inde band from the south of Metro Manila, Philippines. Formed in 2014, originally as an alternative rock band, the members were inspired by a variety of musical influences from Silverstein to A Rockent to the Moon. In 2018, the band revamped and transitioned to electrorock - with bands like HONNE and the 1975 as additional influences for their redirection. The bands current members are Alec Densing on bass, Kanna de Guzman on vocals and Chunick Tato on guitar.

Join the Club

"JOIN THE CLUB is the NOBELA hitmaker who also revived the classic "HANDOG". Stretching 19 years of sensible music and movie-quality MV's, JTC has more to give sans other hits LUNES, TINIG and more." They released 5 new singles in this year.

Mickey Santana

Mickey is a Filipino singer-songwriter based in New York with a passion for storytelling, a sick hook and country-pop. His love for music runs deep, from childhood theatre to the notebooks he's filled with songs and ideas. Some may know him as "Mickey Swiftie" from the Youtube cover channel and twitter handle dedicated to sharing his love for songwriting idol, Taylor Swift. His music has definitely been influenced by her varied career, taking pockets of the music he considers the soundtrack of his life into his own songwriting. Above all, he says he stays true to one tenet Taylor has stuck with throughout - the most personal is the most profound.

Jun Lopito and the Bodhisattvas

Heralded as one of Pinoy Rock's icons, Lopito began his career in the 70's and quickly cemented his place in the country's music scene, known as a pioneer of the country's rock n' roll sound and culture. His 1995 album Bodhisattvas became a benchmark for Filipino rock music production and a sought-after cult collector's item. While he creates palpable dynamic with whomever he shares the stage with, Lopito is also more than comfortable as a solo performer.


Catsy is an independent artist from Masabate, Philippines. She started as a hobby musician at the age of 11 and only ventured to writing songs when she was 20 years old. Writing songs is her way to cope with the myriad of experiences and emotions she encounters in life, hoping that people would feel comfort and be inspired as they listen to her songs.


Sabu has been writing songs since she was 4 years old - they didn't make much sense then. Never thinking of releasing her own music, it was when songs she had written in her bedroom were released under Wildfire and Victory Worship that Sabu began to be pen to the idea that her music could be heard by more people. After her first original composition, Jesus my Savior was released, she also co-wrote other worship songs. She also co-wrote songs for other artists like Kelan Kaya for PhilPop 2018 and Tagu-taguan for Moira Dela Torre and started working on releasing songs under her own name. Nominated as Best New Artist and Best Pop Song at Wish Awards 2018 for her first single, Walk Alone.


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