On being proud of yourself and tuning out the noise from the minority

One of my subscribers shared to me his story about almost giving up because of negative things said to him in the past and I told him I’m glad that he didn’t because his music is good! I’m writing this blog for everyone who needs to hear this now and because I also have my own experience with it.

Once in a while, we will hear negative feedback but what we need to know is that it happens. No one is perfect and we can’t please everyone. But sometimes, there will be a few who will criticize you without even really knowing you, to bring you down and try to break your spirit. I’ve had this experience with a few people who didn’t seem to know me since they pointed out wrong facts about me then criticized my music and me as a whole. Made me feel like I was judged wrongly.

Those people said I should hire a better team to work for me and invest on my photos and videos. First of all, I never had a team working for me. I’m an internet-based artist doing all of this myself and I am not doing this professionally nor earning besides the humble revenue from my channel, I've been sharing music freely since 2008, everything solely for the love of music. It's not my career and I never intended it to be since I have plans of becoming a clinical psychologist which was put on hold since the lockdown. I love expressing myself by sharing my music because it’s my outlet and it makes me feel free. At the same time, seeing that it makes other people happy makes me happy as well and that’s what matters to me.

Since we’re in a worldwide pandemic and the country still on lockdown, I made my own homemade music video. I had so much fun making it and learned so much. Rather than hiring a “team”, I felt it was good to try doing things myself and I wouldn’t trade that experience. One of them also criticized the “band” I’m working with. So, for those who don’t know, I recently put out 2 original songs on Spotify. I had one friend help me bring my songs to life by adding different instruments. We also did this only by exchanging files online and I’m glad we got to pull it off despite the circumstances.

I was also told that I seem lost? Not noting the fact that I started as a cover artist who is expected to play different songs as per my viewers requests. At the same time, enjoying different genres. Looking at my original compositions, I wouldn't say my lyrics are exemplary but they’re very honest and true to heart. None was written without purpose and they’re all based on my personal experiences.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, you know yourself more than anyone and you should be proud of everything you've accomplished. Everything I’ve done to this day I am proud of regardless of what a few others say. Everything I enjoyed and learned from. The songs I’ve written, making my own cover art, my own music video, creating my own website, gathering the courage to put myself out there and finally deciding to do my own livestreams.

We just need to accept the fact that there will always be that minority who will be judgmental of you. More so, those who know so little about you and those who just simply don’t like you. People are entitled to their own opinions and you can’t please everyone. The important thing is to not let it affect you. As long as you’re not stepping on anyone, you should do what makes you happy. At the same time, it’s not bad to listen to constructive criticism because you can learn from it and it can inspire you to improve. But when you are attacked personally, that’s the type of noise you need to tune out. Don’t let it bring you down. Be proud of your accomplishments and keep doing your passion especially if it makes a lot of people happy.

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