March updates on my gaming and music!!


I'm happy to announce that I'm now eligible for in-stream ads and it wouldn't have been possible without you guys so thank you <3 Thanks for tuning in my livestreams and sharing my content. When watching my videos, #DontSkipAds so Facebook can pay me a small revenue XD

I also created a discord server for us, here is the link for it So far, have the main chatroom, voice channel, and radio station for anyone to use. We also have the supporters only area.

Consider becoming a supporter of my page, here are the perks and benefits

Added perk for the supporters is our voice chat for our ML game nights, I will think of more fun activities for us to do. Will continue posting exclusive content as a sign of my gratitude.

Thank you as well to everyone who has been sending stars since I just found out that the stars contributes to my eligibility to become an official gaming partner!! This is my next goal for the page <3

Lastly, the first song for my EP was finalized and mastered just the other day, 3 more to go and it's all set for release! Target is April hopefully. I'm really excited to share it with you guys :D In the meantime, see you on my gaming livestreams. Tues and Thurs 8PM - 11:30PM, Re-upload series every #ThrowbackThursday and my music livestream every first of the month.

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