December music updates!!

Hey guys!! I can't believe the year is about to end. How are you all holding up? I keep praying the Covid leaves with 2020.

Anyway, it's been a while since I've blogged so here's a quick rundown.

Last November 20, I released my 3rd song on Spotify. It's also an original composition, titled "Awit ng Mithi". If you like my music, consider following me on Spotify, saving and adding the song to your playlist/s.

I also shot and edited a homemade music video for "Awit ng Mithi" just like with "Guilt Stricken", you can watch it here:

My song and music video was featured in a couple of blogs like MSN Philippines, LionhearTV, Wazzup PH, Elifestylemanila, and Manila Concert Scene.

I was also interviewed and asked to perform the new song on AFK Muna Podcast. You can watch the full livestream on their Facebook Page or listen to it on Spotify.

I also made a Facebook Group for music lovers who want to share and discover music, I'm hoping to grow the community, consider joining as the group is quite active CLICK HERE

I also set my monthly livestreams every first of the month, catch me live on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. My December set was emo songs, if you haven't seen it, you can the replay here:


I also decided to upload old videos every #ThrowbackThursday so stay tuned and follow this playlist!!


I was also guested at Catctus Playlist, watch the segment here

Now, you can also add my music to your TikTok Videos!! Don't forget to add me there as well, @carminatopaciomusic

This is my latest cover from the John Wick Movie Soundtrack

And lastly, this is my Spotify for Artists Wrapped 2020. During the lockdown, I had more time to make music again and decided to share my original songs on Spotify. My first release “By my side” went live on July, followed by “Guilt Stricken” a month after. Instead of my usual acoustic setup, I got help with the music arrangement of my songs. This was done only by exchanging files online and as an independent artist, Im really glad with how everything turned out. I also want to thank everyone who’s been so supportive of this new journey

Follow me on Spotify because I’m releasing more songs soon. Listen to my latest release “Awit ng Mithi”

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