Carmina Topacio's first single on Spotify is out

On July 1, 2020 (which also happens to be her birthday), Carmina Topacio released a song on Spotify. It is an original composition titled "By my Side" and it's basically about longing to be with someone. It has an alternative rock feel to it.

When asked what the song was about, Carmina said "Covid19 brought so much pain. It affected everyone in the world and we usually seek comfort from each other so, social distancing doesn’t make it any easier. The virus impacted many relationships. I wrote this song during quarantine and it’s centered on love under lockdown and in general, long distance relationships. The song talks about feelings brought about by the idea of missing and wanting to be with someone, waiting, and being hopeful amidst the chaos and uncertainty."

She felt that a lot of people could relate to the song during this time which is why she wanted to share it. She also noted that she will be posting more original material, so consider following her on Spotify and subscribing to the mailing list to stay updated.

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