Carmina Topacio on Songwriting

So this morning while I was cleaning my room, I found these CDS 🙈🙈 A short backstory: I’ve been writing my own music since I was in grade school and I would make my own (homemade) “Albums” including the artwork and etc. Obviously, it was my dream as a child (and i think it’s every musicians dream to have one) 🤣

I never released them because I was shy of exposing my inner thoughts? and im glad i didn’t because tbh, listening to them again makes me cringe with my “nene” voice and cheesy lyrics. At the same time, Im thankful I recorded and found these because they’ve become precious memories to me. It was also good practice, in my opinion.

I guess what im trying to say is, if there is something you love doing, never stop doing it and looking for ways to improve yourself. Im not saying im a great songwriter, but since ive grown as a person, i think my songs have more substance now.

So like I said, I initially wanted to pursue a career in music but when I got older, i realized that i wanted to do other things like pursuing a career in psychology. To add to that, being the introvert that I am, I didnt want to go full on showbiz and turn my passion for music into “work”. Im really just doing all of this for the the love of music. And since I’ve gathered the courage to expose my own writing, I posted a few original songs on Youtube and recently, ventured out on Spotify.

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