Carmina Topacio Krispy Kreme Feature "Original Celebrations"

For the month of July, Krispy Kreme featured people who celebrated their wins, Carmina was the second to be featured.

"I started my Youtube Channel in 2008. Recently, I decided to add my music on Spotify and share my original compositions. I think it's something worth celebrating because I gathered the courage to do this after how many years. In addition, my first track was released on my birthday July 1" - Carmina

If you haven't heard it, you could check it out on Spotify CLICK HERE

Consider following her if you like her music since she recently announced she'd be posting more songs soon. Her next single is coming out on AUGUST 18, CLICK HERE to pre-save it and hear it first. Don't forget to join the mailing list as well to stay updated.

Carmina Topacio original celebrations krispy kreme
Carmina Topacio Krispy Kreme

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