Carmina Topacio at OnLivePH's Livestream (Highlights)

Hey guys!! If you weren't able to watch the livestream yesterday, you can check out this highlights reel or CLICK HERE to view the full livestream. Don't forget to follow OnLivePH!! Thanks again for having me :)

So, yesterday I joined OnlivePH's Livestream and had my very first Q + A with some of my favorite subscribers. I'm so happy to have finally met some of you. I actually felt sentimental after, thank you for believing in me and supporting me throughout the years.

Some questions that were asked were about my songwriting, music influences, and many more. I also performed acoustic renditions for my latest singles "By My Side" and "Guilt Stricken" and shared the story behind them. Lastly, I made a special announcement about my upcoming Music Video!!

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