A tribute to U2, one of the greatest bands of all time

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

I'm a huge fan of U2 not just because of their style but because they make music that has meaning and inspires people. They've already written 400 beautiful songs up to date and what's amazing is that through the years, they never conformed to today's music and didn't sell out. Their music is genuine and they have got to be one of the greatest bands of all time.

Other than writing about personal songs, they've also written about faith and sociopolitical matters. They say "(Pride) In the Name of Love" is an anthem for peace and freedom and celebrates Martin Luther King Jr's struggle for human rights. If you want to find out more about their songs, check out this article CLICK HERE

I have got to say that for me, their best song is "Every breaking wave" especially the piano version. I got goosebumps when they performed this in their concert. The lyrics are so honest and heartfelt and the way Bono sang it was just so full of emotion that I felt like crying right then and there. I guess that's how you can tell that

a song is really good since good music is supposed to move you and make you FEEL, or at least that's what I think. To pay tribute to my favorite band, I made a cover of "Every Breaking Wave". You could check it out here:

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From all the U2 songs I've listened to, none was written without a purpose and a story. To the left is a playlist I made just for you guys of my top picks. :D

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